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Services & Rates

KCK-9 Reproduction provides reproduction services to canine owners all across the midwest, either by individual appointment, clinics at canine events or scheduled individual clinics. If you are interested in having KCK-9 attend an event and host a clinic, contact Kathy for information on how to get started.


Includes collection, analysis, freezing, & first year storage

First Collection


We will give a discount for the same male to have collection and freeze within 30 days of first freeze.

Second Collection


Per breeding. Due annually.

Storage Fees


Call to schedule appointment.

Semen Collection and Analysis


Plus overnight shipping

Collect, Prepare & Ship Chilled Semen


Collection & Artificial Insemenation



Surgical Implant of Frozen Semen

quote only

Transervical Insemention

KCK9 Reproduction Inc.

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